Siberian Husky

Breed Group Working
Weight Male: 20 – 27 kg (Adult), Female: 16 – 23 kg (Adult)
Height Female: 50–56 cm, Male: 54–60 cm
Color(s) White, Black, Black & Tan, Black & White, Sable & White, Grey, Gray & White, Red & White, Silver-gray
Origine  Siberia
Price Approx ₹45,000
Coat  A Siberian Husky has a double coat that is thicker than that of most other dog breeds. It has two layers: a dense, finely wavy undercoat and a longer topcoat of thicker, straight guard hairs.
Temperament Intelligent, Friendly, Outgoing, Alert, Gentle
Life span 12 – 15 years


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